Brighton Station Revamp

By Tom Robinson

Brighton Station is to be revamped after a decision was made at a consultation earlier this year. Three options have been agreed to improve the front of the station.

The new proposals will see a new public area, cycle parking, a ticket office and a new taxi rank.

Brighton and Hove City Council believe that the needs of 14.5 million people who use the station will be met following the improvements. Council leader Jason Kitcat said “I think the plans are very positive”. Plans for the improvements have been ongoing now since 2010 but are now set to go underway.

Although there are some concerns that the revamp could affect congestion in the area, a recent poll of readers of The Argus voted in favour of the proposed plans.

But with train fares set to increase by up to 6.2% in January 2012 and some tickets set to cost over 11% more how many of the 14.5 million Brighton Station commuters will stay faithful to the station and National Railway in general.

I certainly won’t be, I am getting myself a bicycle…


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