Blue/Orange at the Theatre Royal Brighton

By Serena Doherty

A psychological thriller probably shouldn’t make you laugh but the cast and writing of Blue/Orange make it work. The award-winning play was performed on Friday (21st September) at the Theatre Royal Brighton and delved the audience into a morally grey world.

The story follows a schizophrenic patient Christopher (Oliver Wilson) who believes his father is an infamous dictator and his young, inexperienced but passionate doctor (Gerard McCarthy) wants to diagnose and institutionalise him for further help. While the hilarious Robert Bathurst (Downton Abbey, Cold Feet) stars as a Senior Consultant who wants to return the patient to his community.

Each character is pulled in different directions and becomes frustrated by the situation. The play was first shown at The National in London in 2000 and the performance from Theatre Royal Brighton Productions felt up to date, tackling arguments about diagnosis and treatment. After the play you could even hear the audience debating about the issues.

The morality of each character is called into question as the doctors argue in front of the patient, everyone loses their cool and sometimes even bend the truth, whether from their mental illness or not. It becomes ever more difficult to choose a side in the debate and pick the best course of action, in the end you may not even know if there is a real winner.

25-29 September  Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury
9-13 October  Grand Opera House, York
16-20 October   New Victoria, Woking
23-27 October  New Alexandra, Birmingham
30 October-3 November  Churchill Theatre, Bromley
6-10 November  Theatre Royal, Glasgow
13-17 November  Richmond Theatre, Richmond
20-24 November  Opera House, Manchester
27 November-1 December  Regent, Stoke-on-Trent

For tickets click here.


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