Above and Beyond

by Lareese Craig


People are going gaga for vintage clobber at the moment but it seems to be next to impossible to find clothes that are both resonably priced and unique. So when I stumbled across Beyond Retro I knew I was on to a winner.

Situated in the North Laines, it sits perfectly amongst a whole community of fashion-forward boutiques and innovative retailers who aim to create a unique shopping experience for creative individuals. I was chomping at the bit as I gazed open-mouthed at this custard-coloured building in all its glory. I could literally smell nostalgia.

The Brighton store is particularly amazing. When you first walk in it stops you in your tracks, it’s hard to believe how so much retro can be in one place. Even the staff are à la mode. There are rails and rails of vintage finds and it can be quite a daunting experience if you’re a first-timer but it all adds to the fun of it. It’s nothing like the chaos of TK Maxx, the main difference being that Beyond Retro actually has a theme…

You could quite easily spend all day in there going through each individual piece. It has everything from chunky knits, dazzling sequin dresses, Christmas jumpers and second hand fur coats. It also boasts a nice comfy sofa which has proven to be quite the selling point for my weary shopping partners.

It’s well worth taking a trip to BR! Even if it’s just so you can add, ‘It’s vintage darling!’ to your fashion vocabulary!



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