Top 7 Best Drinks for Summer

By Evie Purves

With the Great British Summer upon us, and the weather warming up, it is now the perfect time for a refreshing beverage in the sun. Let’s not forget how long we have all spent in our dull offices all year round, staring out of the window for a taste of the fun. Well, now it’s time. So get the friends and family round, fire up the barbeque and get inspiration from this list of top 7 best British Summer drinks.

1.      Pimms

The ultimate summer drink. Goes down a treat for those hot summer evenings spent in the garden. Chop up some fresh fruit including oranges, apple and juicy strawberries with a dash of mint to create a colourful fruit salad. Add to a large pitcher, filled with ice and chilled lemonade and of course, a generous helping of Pimms. Sit back, throw your feet up, and embrace the taste of the Great British Summer.

2.      Kopparberg Mixed Fruit

Fruit is the key to a relaxing summer this year. So get your hands on an ice cold Kopparberg Mixed Fruit and enjoy the tasty raspberry and blackberry concoction lighten up your evening. Kopparberg has a wide selection of other delicious flavours including Strawberry and Lime, Pear, and Elderflower and Lime. But rest assured, Mixed Fruit is all you need on a lazy summer afternoon. It’s quite simply summer in a bottle.

3.      Sangria

Costa del Sol is calling you. Party or siesta. Whatever mood you’re in, this Spanish blend of delicious red wine with luscious fruits and a generous splash of brandy is sure to bring the wonders of Spain straight to your back garden. This little summer number is perfect for gatherings with friends for some gossip over a barbeque. Served ice cold in a pitcher, this infusion is the perfect taste of España.

4.      Pinot Grigio Blush

A chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio Blush, straight out of the fridge, shared with friends or family is a wonderful way to spend a summers evening. The crisp flavour will have you relaxed in no time, and the enchanting fruity bouquet of flavours is enough of a reason to have just one more glass. Pinot Grigio Blush is a timeless summer drink, so lose yourself in summer all over again.

5.      Malibu

Taste the Caribbean as you sip this fantastic coconut rum, perfect with a huge variety of mixers including Coca-Cola, lemonade and even pineapple juice. The tropical aromas from the coconut are just too irresistible to pass up, so grab a glass, fill with ice and sip to your heart’s content. It really is Seriously Easy Going.

6.      Gin and Tonic

Sophistication is the word. This oh so British marriage of Gin and Tonic is the perfect way to unwind on a summer night, and still remains a firm favourite across the land. It is not a wonder that this simple affair has always been a support against the tropical heat ever since the days of the British Empire. The deceptive simplicity and crisp smooth flavour is just what you need.

7.      Corona

An uplifting light and cheerful lager, served with a fresh slice of citrus lime goes perfectly with any summer occasion. Whether you are just chilling out with a few friends or partying the summer nights away, this little gem will ensure the conversation keeps on flowing, as smoothly as it tastes. All you need is a thick lime wedge placed carefully in the bottle to give a delightful tangy flavour with a fruity touch. This is what relaxing tastes like.

There is nothing quite like summer. It is a time when everyone is brought together over barbeques, parties and gatherings, and with these top 7 summer drinks, its smiles all day long. So sit back and raise a glass to the taste of the Great British Summer.


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