Looking for Mr or Mrs Right?

Image By Donna Smiley
Internet dating is one of those things that most single people past the age of 28 do, but don’t freely admit. Gone are the days of lonely old men placing adverts in newspapers looking for a companion for Pina Colada’s and walks in the rain.

In this age of modern technology you can register with a number of sites in under ten minutes and instantly have access to hundreds of men or women, or both if you can’t decide on which takes your fancy. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your quest for love, or casual sex. There are currently around fifteen million singletons  in Britain, and almost five million of them are looking for ‘love’ online.

If you’re not single fear not, you don’t have to miss out on the action, why not look on www.illicitencounters.com here can meet like-minded people who are also up for having an affair. Beware though, the site does issue a warning statement: ‘NOT ALL AFFAIRS HAVE A POSITIVE EFFECT ON A MARRIAGE, SOME CAN BE VERY DAMAGING…IF YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE AN AFFAIR, PLEASE SELECT YOUR PARTNER WISELY.’

If you feel a tad guilty towards your partner, don’t, apparently the site is featured in The Mail and the Sun, so you can’t be doing anything wrong, right? Just be sure to delete the site from your browser, if your partner checks your history I’m not sure they’ll be too impressed.

Another warning, this may come as a surprise, like the picture of the hot guy you’re talking to? It was probably taken a few years ago and he’s probably not going to look so hot in real life, think less hair, but more lard around the middle.

Sorry, maybe I’m being cynical, if you want to go for that date go for it, you might be pleasantly surprised… or not. Take my friend Eve; she got chatting to a man who seemed perfectly normal. He described himself as an entrepreneur; 5 foot, 11 inches, dark hair etc. Turns out he made an error in his description, he was actually four foot seven, and worked in sales, obviously he accidently hit the wrong numbers and letters on his key pad.

Anyway, I must go, it’s time to feed my housemate’s dog, she’s out on a second date with a hot guy she met on the internet, apparently he looks exactly like his picture… so she says. I’m not jealous, or bitter, why would I be when the dog’s offered to make me a pina colada and were going for a walk in the rain?


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