From Wales to Ibiza

By Evie Purves

Welsh boy DJ Ali Morgan is set to head back to the party island of Ibiza later this month to get the party started once again.

From 1996 to 2006 he established a name for himself as the notorious DJ Ali Morgan and has played in some of the biggest clubs in Ibiza, even Es Paradis and Eden.

But it’s not just Ibiza; he has played all over the world including Australia, Egypt, London, Miami and Wales and has now got his eyes on the White island once more.

From showing off his DJ talent at store openings in Miami, to dabbling with radio and television in Australia, it seems DJ Ali Morgan has done it all. And he has no intention of slowing down!

Set to rock the party season this summer, Morgan is returning to Ibiza to DJ at Delilah’s in San Antonio, the only Welsh bar in Ibiza.

If you want to see some of DJ Ali Morgan’s tunes check out this link:

Or better still, hop on a plane to Ibiza this summer and party with the man himself!


5 thoughts on “From Wales to Ibiza

  1. Howling Mad Dog Morgan back to Ibiza again! Ibiza can count itself lucky – it’s not the same without Ali!! A legend in his own lunch-time!!!! Delilah’s will rock once more to the tunes of the master!!!

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