This week’s Albion Press Conference

By Paul Healey

 Today’s Amex Stadium conference included the views of Assistant Manager Mauricio Tarrico and players Liam Bridcutt and Sam Vokes.

There is a common view that every game is going to be like a cup final ahead of play-off rival Middlesbrough’s visit on Saturday.

Mauricio said: “At the start of the season we wanted a good championship team. We had not considered…the play-offs…which are nice to be in.”

The team do not feel they are under particular pressure and will be urged to carry on playing their normal game.

When asked how the next opponents are expected to play he said “We will know at 3:05!”.

He has seen many teams change the way they play when they come to the Amex.

Cool heads need to prevail unlike the debacle at local ground Crawley Town this week which ended in a post-match scrap and five red cards.

Mauricio jokingly left the conference with: “Are you going to ask me about new signings?!” when Gus Poyet had already stressed in the week the main focus is now on finishing in the play-offs.

Liam Bridcutt confirmed it works for him to think about the next game to come and not to get carried away with the league position.

Sam Vokes was asked if like Norwich his team had what it takes to be in the premiership and was firm on the point that it really could happen.

He said: “We will carry on with the lone striker and two wingers style of play or switch it depending on which works”.

Gary Dicker is confirmed as in the squad and may feature in the next game.


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