Small Batch Coffee Company dress up for new viral marketing video


By Kat Hopps

When your marketing budget is next to zero there is only one way to promote your brand and that is to put a man in a dress.

Small Batch Coffee Company did just that today by filming a new online viral marketing video at Brighton Train Station to promote their chain of coffee shops.

The video even has its own jingle which is aptly named the ‘small batch company coffee blues’ and is a tongue-in-cheek behind the scenes look at how the team make their coffee products.

Damon McMinn from the company took the starring role and shone in a strappy black dress, blonde wig and heels.

Asked if thought his new-found fame might go to his head he replied: “I take it in my stride, I’m still the same person. I hope I just make a few more important friends.”

The video is the brainchild of Marketing Manager, Nick Barlow, who is keen to expand the success of the company who are already a big hit with coffee lovers in Brighton.

He said that the business is growing steadily since they opened three shops last year and they hope to raise the profile of their brand as a result of the new video.

Small Batch Coffee Company has five coffee shops throughout Brighton and focus on producing quality coffee using the best green beans.

They source their coffee from international farmers and work with import partners to ensure that the products are bought at sustainable and fair prices.

Watch the uploaded video from Monday on the company’s website:

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