Bexhill High School to become an academy

By Kat Hopps

Bexhill High School will become an academy after governors approved the decision at a meeting on Tuesday evening.

The school will now apply to the Department of Education for conversion to academy status with the changeover date expected to be 1st September.

Chair of governors, Brian Kenfield, said the decision was reached following an extensive six-week consultation period with its members, parents and students.

He said: “To convert to an academy is very exciting for Bexhill High, and the governing body is confident it has made the right move for both students and staff.”

Governors have selected Prospects, a leading national supplier of educational services, to act as their new partner in line with academy regulations.

The company will govern how school funds are spent on improvement strategies and how best to teach students.

The proposed changes had caused some concern amongst parents that children with special needs may be affected but the school maintains that no alterations will be made.

Under the new move, Bexhill High School will retain its current leadership team, curriculum and board of governors.

The Government has been vocal about its commitment to convert as many schools as possible into academies and it is expected that a number of other schools across East Sussex will follow Bexhill’s lead.

Brian Kendall confirmed that Sidley Primary School will amongst those converting to academy status in the near future.



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