Save Saltdean Lido campaign continues

By Jodhi Doherty

The Saltdean lido is an iconic art-deco outdoor pool with terrace and sundeck and even though its cool outdoor waters may not be – the debate surrounding the 1930s attraction is hot.

For the past two years, protests to Brighton and Hove council have been heard from residents from Saltdean Community Association and the Save Saltdean Lido campaign highlighting how the 125-year-old lease should be removed from the hands of Dennis Audley, Buckingshire-based leaseholder.

Campaigners have accused the leaseholder Mr Audley of not maintaining the centre or parts of the lease by not opening on certain days.

Mr Audley told The Argus newspaper: “It has been very difficult the last few years.  All the publicity has destroyed our business. We’re still working towards an enabling development”.

Mr Audley is not planning on giving up just yet but Rebecca Crook, the chairman of Save Saltdean Lido also told The Argus: “We have always said that we are in this for the long-term and will not stop campaigning until the lease is handed to the community – its rightful owners”.

The campaign set up in March 2010 was done so by local residents in reaction to plans to fill in the swimming pool, develop the site and the building of 102 flats. Even though, the Saltdean Lido is safe from demolition the argument surrounding its lease and its use in the community still continues. With recent talks at happening at Brighton and Hove Council watch this space for the future of Saltdean Lido.


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