Martlets Hospice Appeal

By Donna Smiley

Martlets Hospice

Well known Hove based Hospice, the Martlets is holding a Will Writing  Fortnight in order to raise desperately needed money to help local people with terminal illness live their lives as fully as possible until the end.

The will writing scheme will see 12 local solicitors and will writers offering their services in return for a donation to Martlets.

The Martlets Hospice is only 29% funded by the NHS; the rest of the money is from donations, with a quarter of their income coming from donations left by people in their will.

Unfortunately due to the current financial market donations from wills has fallen dramatically over the last couple of years.

The will writing fortnight will take place from the 12- 23 of March, but bookings can be taken anytime from now.

Suggested Minimum donations are £75 for updating Codicil, £110 for a single will & £150 for a joint will, the rates are much lower than would be normally charged.

Readers can find participating solicitors by contacting Gary Moyle on 01273 747455, or email:

A list of the solicitors is also available in today’s edition (Thursday 8 March) of The Argus.


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