High Fuel Costs Set To Stick

By Olivia Lerche

Credit: Rama

Petrol prices have reached a record high this week, with prices for unleaded fuel averaging an incredible 134.7p per litre.

With the  Treasury’s 2012 Budget looming, there appear to be no plans to cut costs, which is causing widespread concern amongst motorists.

The Treasury has  agreed to drop the 1p fuel duty rise that was scheduled in the 2012 budget, due to the unstable situation in the Middle East and  escalating fuel prices.

Treasury plans to introduce a fuel duty stabiliser which will aim to steady the impact of any more sudden changes to petrol prices have not appeased motorists.

Motorists in rural areas are hit the hardest, as it is alleged public transport in rural areas is not reliable or efficient .

A local Brighton student who has to travel to college by car everyday said “my wallet is certainly stinging”.

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