Digital TV switchover underway in Brighton

Credit: Pluton 16

Digital UK has announced that the switchover is now underway in Brighton and Hove, with digital TV set to reach thousands of viewers for the first time.

The first analogue signals were turned off at the Whitehawk Hill transmitter group this morning and the process is due to be completed on March 21st.

BBC Freeview channels will become available to people in ‘digital blackspots’ such as Patcham, Coldean and Saltdean, while existing viewers should notice an improvement in their picture quality.

People already watching Freeview in the East Sussex city will need to retune their boxes to restore the BBC services.

“Those viewers who haven’t switched to digital should prepare for March 21st, when the last analogue channels will be permanently switched off,” said Bill Taylor, regional manager for Digital UK.

Once the process is complete, Channel 5 and Freeview channels from ITV and Channel 4 will be available from local transmitters.

Areas in the Meridian TV region that are yet to start the digital switchover include those served by the Heathfield, Tunbridge Wells and Hastings transmitter groups, which will begin on May 30th.


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