West Pier fragment sale a success

By Catherine Roberts

Scores of homes will be filled with relics from the West Pier thanks to another successful fragment sale on Brighton beach this morning.


The West Pier Trust charity opened its doors to the public and offered up fragments including original cast iron supports and decorative rails.

Chief executive Rachel Clark said that since the first sale in 2011 over 1100 fragments have been sold.



All pieces have been salvaged from the iconic Victorian pier that has been deteriorating since its closure in 1975. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The sales were started to clear the compound beneath the root of the pier in time for the construction of the long-awaited i360 development. Money raised will help fund the construction of the West Pier Heritage Centre, plus any future restoration projects.

There will be one more sale this season. Keep an eye on the West Pier Trust site for a confirmed date.


One thought on “West Pier fragment sale a success

  1. The West Pier belongs to Brighton & Hove, thats where it should stay and not sold off with certificates for treasure hunters, surely there is a better way to raise the funding for a restoration…

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