Hove shop owner has license revoked

Jacob Creek

Licence forfeited for breach of conditions

Hove shop owner has his license revoked after being found guilty for selling fake wine.

Salvatore Capuano, found guilty of selling fake Jacob’s Creek wine in December last year, was back in court last week on two counts of breaching licence conditions and had his licence taken away.

Magistrates ordered Mr Capuano, 34, of Palmeira Avenue, Hove, to pay £750 in fines and £650 costs, plus £15 victim surcharge.

He also forfeited his personal licence which prevents him from being a designated premises supervisor (DPS) from now on.

In December, Brighton Magistrates found Mr Capuano and his company Always 4 U Ltd., guilty on four counts of breaking trademarking and food safety laws by selling 60 bottles of fake Jacobs Creek wine following an operation by trading standards and customs officers. Although found guilty, he kept his licence on that occasion.

Councillor Lizzie Deane, chair of the city’s Licensing Committee said: “We are pleased that magistrates forfeited the licence as it sends a strong message that anyone selling fake alcohol risks losing their licence. As well as the health risk to the public, it really isn’t worth the damage it can do to a business. 

“The council works with owners of licensed premises and our trading standards officers advise them not to buy wines or spirits from an unofficial supplier. We also work in partnership with wine companies, Sussex Police and HM Revenue & Customs to crack down on counterfeit and illegal alcohol sales.”

Sussex Police licensing officer Lara Baldwin said: “I am very happy with this decision. It sends a clear message to anyone not taking their responsibilities in the licensing trade seriously or who may consciously be flouting the law that any transgressions will be robustly dealt with. Potentially, they can wave goodbye to a business or a career.”


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