Warning issued following chimney fire in Mayfield


Credit: deltaalpha24

Fire crews prevented a major blaze as they extinguished a chimney fire yesterday.

Two fire appliances from Heathfield and Crowborough attended the blaze a property in Feltching street, Mayfield, at 3.46pm.
When crews arrived they found an established fire in the inglenook fireplace.
The fire had been caused by a wooden log rolling out of the fire grate and causing fire to spread to a pile of wood that was stored within the hearth area.
When crews arrived at the property, the close proximity of the furniture in relation to the fire meant the sofas were beginning to smoulder.
The furniture was quickly moved to the other side of the room and the fire was extinguished using two buckets of water.
Firefighters removed all the debris from the fireplace to prevent the fire from reigniting.
The tenant of the property had received a home safety visit by East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service before Christmas 2011. Firefighters from Mayfield had fitted smoke alarms in the property and offered relevant fire safety advice.
Bob Beard, watch manager, Red Watch, Crowborough, said: “The smoke alarms did their job!
“They raised the alarm and the lady followed the advice which our firefighters had given her. Get out, Stay Out and call 999.”

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