Sussex Police support for victims’ organisations

Sussex Police

Sussex Police has helped two organisations which provide support for victims of sexual crimes and those going through the court process.

During a conference held by Sussex Police with the theme of enhancing witness care in Sussex, the winners of a quiz chose their favourite witness care charities to receive donations from the Sussex Police Property Fund – these were Witness Support and LifeCentre.
Sue Janman, Sussex Police victim and witness delivery manager, said: “Going to court can be a daunting process for many victims or witnesses of crime.
“These charities provide valuable assistance, either in coming to terms with the offence that has occurred or providing support at court.”
Frances Amos, from witness service, said: “Our trained volunteers support victims and witnesses before, during and after a trial.
“We’ll support them on the day they come to court if they want us to and we can get involved earlier in the process by organising a visit to the courtroom before the trial so you know what to expect.
“Witness Service is part of Victim Support.”
Maggie Ellis from Lifecentre said: “LifeCentre is a registered charity supporting the survivors of rape and sexual abuse – male, female and children.
“We provide help lines which operate nationally, and face to face counselling for all survivors, their partners, carers and supporters and work with schools and other organisations to promote awareness of the dangers and issues surrounding sexual abuse.
 “Survivors suffer physically, mentally, sexually, economically and often legally, and Lifecentre enables them to address the effects of their abuse”. 
The two organisations each received £150 from the Police Property Act Fund (PPAF), made up of monies received by the police from property confiscated by order of the court and then sold.

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