Review: Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy

By Jack Deacon

Roy Circles is a shell-shocked war veteran and a widower who reminisces about playing tennis with his dead wife. He also happens to be a chocolate finger.

Photo used under creative commons by Rebecca

Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy has been described by Fielding as a “stream-of-consciousness sketching” that is “rich, dense, like a fruitcake”. The half-hour show is packed with so many jokes and vivid colours that you need a warm-down after the first fifteen-minute bombardment.

Fielding’s brainchildren are psychedelic but they also have a distinctly – and hilariously – mundane aspect that prevents viewers feeling alienated. Take the cockney lion, Dondylion: he gave himself away to hunters because he wanted to see Europe but now finds himself stuck in a zoo with a plate of Hula Hoops and a framed picture of David Lee Roth.

Broader audiences might not initially warm to this series, but fans of The Mighty Boosh acclimatized to Fielding’s style of comedy will no doubt love the absurdity. Scenes such as a cameo from Boosh-star The Moon reward audiences for their loyalty to Fielding, and the fact that it’s being shown on E4 suggests it’s targeted at a narrower/younger audience as well as those who will have been won over by Fielding before the series even started.

Many of the Boosh troupe answered Fielding’s call to be in the show, though there is a marked absence of Julian Barratt who, according to Fielding, is pursuing a career in avant-garde theatre but will eventually rejoin forces with Fielding to make a Boosh film. Barratt’s absence allows Fielding to explore his own vision in this solo series and try something less narrative-driven; the vast array of characters making pop-culture references and metaphors is closer to Fielding’s stand-up comedy.

The show has already been commissioned for a second series in 2013, with Channel 4’s commissioning comedy editor Nerys Evans saying: “If series one brought us a talking knife wound and a man with ice cream for eyes, we can’t wait to see where else Noel’s comedy mind will take us next.”

The third episode will be aired on E4 at 10pm on Thurs 9 Feb.


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