The £420m Redevelopment of Royal Sussex County Hospital Gets Go Ahead

By Kayleigh Rose Lewis

Plans for a £420m redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton were unanimously approved by the council on 27 January.

The much needed development of the site will include a helipad, a new cancer centre and a 12 storey building.

Many of the original buildings, some of which are 186 years old, are considered unsuitable for modern medicine and will be demolished to make way for the improvements.

However the hospital chapel, a grade 2 listed building, will be dismantled and re-sat as part of the project.

As well as expanding the medical capabilities of the hospital, adding 100 extra beds, creating a Major Trauma Centre and adding more teaching facilities the redevelopment will also create much needed jobs.

Phelim MacCafferty, Chair of the planning committee Councillor, said: ““When the economy is looking unstable, this important development for the city.

“[It] will also create hundreds of jobs and apprenticeships both in the construction of the hospital and its operation. Importantly a minimum of 20% of the construction workers will be local.”

The redevelopments, which are expected to take ten years to complete, will be undertaken in stages to ensure that most of the hospital remains fully functional, in particular the emergency facilities

Considerations have also been made to reach national environmental standards, keep local disruption to a minimum and make sure that the new buildings are not unsightly.

Mr MacCafferty said: “This is the biggest development the city has seen. The injection of £400m from the Royal Sussex development is brilliant news.

“Today we’ve recognised the need to keep our city at the forefront of public healthcare provision. It demonstrates that we are committed to working with applicants of large-scale developments to deliver high-quality plans for the city.”

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