Brighton Nun is a Step Closer to Sainthood

A Brighton nun is being considered for sainthood by the Vatican after putting her life on the line to hide persecuted Jews during World War Two.

By Jessica Keating

Mother Riccarda Beauchamp Hambrough was born in Brighton in 1887 and baptised at the age of four in the St Mary Magdalene Church on North Street.

It was in 1943 during the war that she opened up her convent to help more than 60 Jewish people escape the Nazi concentration camps.

The Priest at St Mary Magdalene, Father Ray Blake, has said the Church would now be looking for a “divine sign” associated with Mother Riccarda.

This is because it is a long process to sainthood. There will need to be one miracle for her to be beatified and thus declared ‘Blessed Mother Riccarda’ and then another, second miracle, to declare her ‘Saint Mother Riccarda’.

A file on her has been sent to Vatican to be studied by theologians and historians, which is a big step along the road for this Brighton Nun.


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