Brighton Man Jailed For Four Years After Raping Girlfriend

By Harriet Thacker


Photo courtesy of Sussex Police

A Brighton man has been jailed for four years today after being found guilty of raping his girlfriend.

Victor Agada, age 24, appeared in court on 13th January accused of rape when she refused to sleep with him before he was tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

After the sentencing the victim said: “It was terrible after what happened for so many reasons. I felt nervous all the time and had to wait for HIV results; I really thought I could have been infected. When I found out that there was no possibility I had it, I was so relieved I celebrated.”

The case highlights the importance of reporting rape cases, currently only 7% of cases in the UK are reported to police.

Detective Constable Joel Brooks said: “The victim’s brave decision to pursue the prosecution will help to protect other women, but also sends a clear message that offenders of domestic violence will be held to account. The jury heard the incredibly compelling words of the victim, who told of the anxiety of waiting for HIV results and how it has affected her whole life. It is great to see her looking to the future now justice has been done.

“There is help for you if you are a victim of domestic abuse. You’re not alone and we’ll be with you every step of the way.”

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