Fatboy Slim Chats To Students At CCB

Fatboy Slim comes to City College Brighton & Hove.

By Jessica Keating

Fatboy Slim

Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim took time out of his busy schedule (he’s jetting off to Brazil tomorrow) to chat with City College Brighton & Hove students this morning. The exclusive event was ticket-only but was screened live on the college website for the world to enjoy.

In an intimate setting, the international DJ settled into a leather sofa and took questions from students about where the music industry has come from and where it’s going.

Entertainment was provided not by the Praise You hit-maker but by a CCB music-production student, showing the star the talent that is coming out of Brighton at the moment.

Most of the conversation stemmed from his upcoming “dream gig” – The Big Beach Boutique at the Amex on 1st and 2nd June this year. With support acts Carl Cox and Nero already confirmed, he opened it up to the floor for suggestions of other support acts. He was not impressed with dubstep suggestions – admitting he’s not a fan of the genre but he did let slip that Rizzle Kicks are in the frame though.

His top tips for artists these days? Firstly, cut out the middle man and make more money in doing so. Record labels just aren’t needed anymore he thinks. And secondly, tour! He told us how it used to be that artists would lose money by touring, now however, it’s the bread and butter of being a recording artist.

During the break, Fatboy Slim’s own selection of his personal student anthems played whilst he was mobbed for autographs and photos before slipping out for what I think was a sneaky cig break.

Surprisingly, despite the phenomenal success of his music videos such as Weapon of Choice with Christopher Walken, the superstar admits he has a “love-hate” relationship with them as he can’t bear to be in them himself. This was where Spike Jonze stepped in to create the iconic Praise You video, and in the process caused Fatboy Slim to explode internationally.

He ends it with an endearing anecdote about driving his son to school earlier this morning, when a pop song on the radio led to a discussion between the two of them about racism and inter-racial marriages. He enthused about the fact that whilst you may have generic songs about being rich and drinking champagne, a lot of tracks still have important messages. He cited Coldplay as successfully combining commercial songs with valuable meanings.

Quote of the day: “You can experience a download but you can’t download an experience.” So go get your tickets for his Brighton gig people!


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