Duke of York’s Cinema: The Duke’s after Dark

By Jamie Stilgoe

Duke of York’s cinema opened on 22nd September 1910. It has survived two world wars (and one world cup) to officially become the oldest purpose built cinema in the UK, as verified by the Cinema Theatres Association.

Duke Of York's Cinema & Legs
Photo used under Creative Commons from: Subtleblade

Over the years it has gone from Edwardian Picture Palace to ‘flea pit’ to bingo hall and now a Picturehouse cinema with an independent streak.

The surprising thing is, despite years of old facelifts and Botox, the old girl doesn’t look half bad: more Helen Mirren than Joan Rivers.

Still attached to its Art-house films roots, Duke of York’s shows the very latest in bleeding edge cinema but tempers this with sales friendly blockbusters.

Occasionally ‘The Duke’s After Dark’ shows late night cult classics, for those who reminisce for a time when cinemas were dirty and so were the films they showed.

January showings:

Friday 13 January, 11.30pm
New York City, 1979. Set in a dystopian future, Walter Hill’s classic movie charts the journey of one gang to their home turf in Coney Island.

Friday 20 January, 11.30pm
John Hughes’ tale of teenage angst is a 1980s classic with a classic soundtrack.


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