Thousands Sign Petition as Brighton’s Music and Arts Funding Faces Cuts

By Kayleigh Rose Lewis
Brighton and Hove’s music arts services, which have been rated outstanding for three years running, are facing cuts proposed by the city council.
Used under Creative Commons courtesy of Paul.

The plans will see music and arts funding reduced by 50% this year and 100% in 2013 affecting 2,500 school children across the city.

The petition started by Keith Turvey, a Brighton University lecturer and researcher in education, has received enough signatures to ensure that the City Council cuts are debated in the Town Hall.

The plans, proposed by the current Green administration have been strongly opposed, particularly by Conservative MP Mike Weatherly.

Mr Weatherly said: “The cuts that the Green administration has planned for the music service will have a massively detrimental impact on music and music education in the city.

“Having been praised nationally for the creative music opportunities for children, it’s outrageous that this service is being cut.”

If the cuts go ahead they will affect hundreds of school children from low-income families who receive music tuition at a discounted rate as part of the service.

For many parents this will make music lessons unaffordable, especially with the current economic situation meaning that families are already struggling.

In a letter to the Guardian Dr Turvey wrote: “The National Music Plan is full of good intent on widening access, but without financial support such opportunities will become wholly the preserve of the better-off.”

To sign the e-petition, which is running until 16 January 2012, click here.


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