Cheer up, it’s the New Year!

By Kayleigh Rose Lewis

After all the fun and festivities and, more importantly, time off work it’s time for the winter blues to kick in because it’s the dreaded month of January. But come on, things aren’t so bad, let Aunty Brighton-Lite cheer you up…..

Just a few days ago we were all parting, calling up our friends, wishing all and sundry a happy new year. Then we woke up on the morning/afternoon/evening of the first feeling absolutely terrible.

Now don’t go blaming January for this, it has nothing to do with it. This is the culmination of a fortnight spent eating terribly and in epic quantities whilst washing it down with a potentially devastating combination of every alcoholic beverage you could get you jolly hands on.

Which you still topped off by drinking your weight in all things spirited or sparkling.

Yes, you deserve to feel terrible, and it’s frankly no surprise. Get off January’s back, if you did the same in August you’d feel just as bad.

Next up, whilst at your roughest point, hungover, tired, grumpily recalling everything you didn’t do last year you decide that now is without doubt the optimum time to make this year’s resolutions.

In the aftermath of last night’s euphoria or in the wake of another over-hyped disappointing night, depending on which school of thought you subscribe to, is not the time to consider your future.

The most common resolution mistake is making them utterly unachievable. If you work at the Co-op and you haven’t done any real exercise since secondary school then the odds are you’re not going to be running the New York marathon any time soon.

That’s not pessimism, it’s realism.

For starters you probably can’t afford to go to New York. Secondly, you can’t run around the block. Why not start small, a 5k charity run, the Brigton 10k, there are loads of sensible options to get you started and you can still raise some money for a good cause too.

Naturally you probably tried going for a run on New Year’s Day and it was probably the worst ten minutes of your life. Why not sort your eating out this week and go next week, be sensible…

Then you realise how dark it is and it’s sooooo depressing. You know what, it was dark last week, and the week before that, but you were fine then. December was a great but January is the worst month ever? How unreasonable.

Key points to remember about the ‘January gloom’: Being a developed country we are blessed with an array of technology. As such we have electric lighting. Also, if you lived in Iceland you’d be getting about three hours of daylight right now, so really you should be counting your blessings.

Hopefully this will have put things into perspective a little bit. You probably won’t be competing at London 2012. It’s likely that you won’t be dating Mila Kunis or Jake Gyllenhall anytime soon and I’m afraid 30 is too late to decide to become an astronaut.

But you know what; there are plenty of things you can achieve this year. You can get fit and healthy without becoming an Adonis, you can learn something new, you can meet more people, join more clubs even be more positive. This year can be a fantastic year by making just a few small changes.

If all else fails, just remember that the hangover will pass, the days will get longer and it’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee so we get an extra bank holiday again, hurrah!

All the best, Aunty Brighton-Lite xx

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