An Attempt to spend less in 2012

By Laura McArthur

It’s no secret to know that most people cross the UK have been strapped for cash this year or that the recession is one of the excuses we blame it on.

10 British Pound note down Drain
Photo used under creative commons by Images_of_Money

Perhaps one of your resolutions for 2012 will be to spend less or perhaps save more but there lays a question of how to do this and how to keep it up throughout the year.

Maybe you would like to save for a holiday, pay off some college fees, or maybe even just to save a small amount for a rainy day.

I have read many reports and heard many stories of people experimenting with living a week on just a tenner and most end in failure or just find it difficult pulling themselves away from luxury items.

However, I find myself battling every time I do the weekly shop and the times at the bus stop when I’m looking through the windows and seeing things I think I could benefit from.

It is indeed possible to live on £10 a week it just depends on a person’s view of what counts as living on £10 a week.

There are a few tips to live on the minimum of your pay-cheque and I am going to share them with you.

Firstly, you must always put enough money for the important things which include the rent, any phone bills (and other bills) and travel money (a weekly pass is the safest way to go as it costs less).

Before going on your weekly shop look in the fridge and cupboards to see if anything can be used during the week, then make a list of the meals you want to have during the week, remembering less is more.

During your shop do not get distracted and the key to minimising the total of your shop is to buy the value items and not the pricey big named brands.

I cannot say this makes it any easier to save money, or to spend less, but I can say that it at least helps a little, however I also can’t guarantee that you will only spend £10 a week.


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