Bloke’s Eye View On … Christmas Shopping

By Liam Dawes

If you’re a stereotypical bloke like me, Christmas can be a traumatic time.

Christmas in Churchill Square

Image courtesy of wallygrom

At first though, the thought of a few days off work, non-stop football on Boxing Day and Christmas parties, get you excited, that and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, obviously.

Then – normally sometime around about now – thoughts have to turn to Christmas shopping.

A fear of panic overtakes you, palms get clammy, and sweat starts dripping from your forehead.

At any other time of the year, you can just turn to your girlfriend for advice, and hopefully ‘persuade’ her to go to the local shopping centre and buy the items for you.

Not this time though.

This time you’re buying for the love of your life herself, so turning to her
simply isn’t an option.

You’re left with no choice – you’re going to have to brave the shops yourself!

Once you’ve queued for an eternity to get into the car park, and fought your way past the thousands of mothers pushing their prams around, one question only is on your mind:

Where on earth do you start?

Perfume is a sure-fire winner, but only if you select the right one.

And selecting the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Step into your local branch of Boots, and there are thousands upon thousands of different varieties and brands staring at you. Chanel No.5, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme – the list is endless.

Exasperated, you decide to look elsewhere.

Ah, there’s a jewellery shop, surely there will be something there that will tickle her fancy surely?

There probably is, but finding it will again be the issue.

If you manage to find something you think she’ll like, it’s probably worth the risk.

Top tip – jewellery can often look more expensive than it actually is, and your lady will be delighted with your efforts.

Problem solved surely?

Not so for me – my girlfriend works in a jewellery shop, and therefore knows every fine detail about every jewel the world over.

Bah humbug!

That leaves you with the option buying tickets to a show.

If it’s within your price range, this would be my suggestion – it’s what I bought my girlfriend for her birthday last month, and it went down a

But whatever you decide to purchase as you wander aimlessly around Churchill Square, I wish you luck on your adventure.

You’re probably going to need it.

Now, I just going to hop in my car and drive up there myself!


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