Traditional Christmas Cooking versus Heston Blumenthal

By Rebecca Hele

Heston Blumenthal

Image Courtesy of ssoosay

What makes the ‘traditional’ Christmas pie?

What is considered as a ‘traditional’ Christmas feast differs for everyone, yet there are a few things we can all agree on- mince pies are round.

But even this unquestionable tradition has been re-invented by world leading chef and culinary innovator Heston Blumenthal.

Following his previous success with the ‘hidden- orange’ Christmas pudding, this year he has introduced ‘square mince pies’ made with a dash of pine scented sugar that promise to make the house smell like a Christmas tree.

Hestons’ record-breaking pies are made with puff pastry rather than shortcrust and the filling is a blend of fruit flavours such as lemon curd, rose water and apple puree.

According to Waitrose, 75,000 of Hestons innovative pies have already been snapped up thus proving our festive traditions aren’t so rigid.

The mince pie or Christmas pye as they used to be known have been around for centuries but the recipe has changed dramatically through the ages.

In their original form, mince pies would have been filled with various meats and been in the shape of a crib, so as to represent the manger.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that the meat content was removed for good thus forming the mince pie that we know and love today.

It is no surprise then that our traditional recipes are constantly changing, from the 10-bird stuffed turkey to an orange filled Christmas pud.

We are constantly trying out-do ourselves to make it the best year ever, but will it eventually eliminate all nostalgic traditions?


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