Latest TV Given the Go Ahead


Latest TV has won its bid to pioneer a groundbreaking terrestrial TV channel in Brighton and Hove and has set the city on course to become a powerful player in the UK television industry.

Old TV station
Photo used under creative commons by ArloMagicMan

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, announced this week that Brighton and Hove is to be one of the 20 “pioneer areas” to receive TV licences.

Bill Smith, managing director at the Latest, also produces Latest-TV which currently broadcasts online as magazine show, Brighton Lights.

Brighton Lights is currently an ongoing web TV channel with almost 2 years of broadcasting covering a variety of news, features, events and reviews.

Latest founder, Bill Smith, speaking of the bid, said: “Brighton’s magazine Latest Homes/7 is famous for combining clubbing and property in one popular magazine. Now our online magazine Brighton Lights does the same.

“It will be a 24/7 TV channel for Brighton and around so can be, subject to finance, whatever we want it to be. Likeliest scenario is a channel like BBC 4 which broadcasts for say 4 or 5 hours every night.”

Brighton Lights was praised by Jeremy Hunt in the House of Commons and William Ranieri, Director Producer of the flagship online show, said: “We look forward to it being on TV in everyone’s living rooms along with many other home-grown Brighton and Hove shows.

“There is a huge television talent in this city who up until now have all had to commute to earn a living.

“Brighton and Hove will now be able to develop its own television industry.

“No longer will the public turn on their local news and see Southampton studios and features about Maidstone and Oxford.”

The bid for the new Brighton and Hove TV channel, made in March, had cross-party political support and included Juice 107 and Wired Sussex amongst its allies.

Brighton and Sussex Universities, City College, community leaders, celebrities and even a petition containing thousands of signatures all lent support to the successful bid.

Brighton is set to take its place with London, Manchester and Glasgow as one of the leading producers of television in the UK.

This is a truly community-based project with any resident with ideas invited to go to an open meeting held every Monday at Latest Music Bar, Manchester Street at 5.30pm.

You can watch previous episodes of Brighton Lights at and to keep up with the development progress sign up to its Facebook page, Latest TV Brighton Lights.


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