Brighton Lite Round-up

By Neil D Campbell

Catch up with the posts you may have missed on Brighton Lite this week.

We live in fear of interesting times as the Chinese say. (And let’s be honest they have a lot of the say these days.)

Egypt is once again ablaze and Europe stands on the brink of ruin. FIFA boss Sepp Blatter has demonstrated just how far from reality he’s ventured with his views on racism, and anarchists are turning our city centres into shop displays for Millets.

But surely nothing can overshadow the fact that a husband and wife will stand up in court and explain what it was like to be given hope that their missing daughter was alive by a newspaper who were secretly hacking her phone. As a journalist I can barely contain my rage as I consider how an organisation or indeed an industry could let things go so far. Hopefully, during the Leveson enquiry, the answers and the peace of mind the Dowler family so desperately need, will come and come quickly. Free thinking and acting press may be a need and indeed a right, but the line between monster and messenger clearly needs to be unblurred.

It is these events, and most importantly the enquiry, that have prompted this journalist to seek out a little bit of sunshine in a winter of deepest discontent.

So it is with a little hop, skip and a jump that I present a Brighton Lite week of winning.

As I mentioned the rest of the world seems hell-bent on turmoil, without a waterskiing squirrel in sight and it is now that the intrepid reporters of Brighton Lite focus on the bright side of life and bring us a hint of November cheer.

Nick Norton shows us something completely different as he covers the rise of Monty Python’s Spamalot. Nick donned his silly hat and joined the 200 other mentalists in Brighton’s Theatre Royal as they engaged in activities of the surreal. You can read his exploits here.

The spectacularly named Ruth Hazard kicks a Christmas cooking cliché in the teeth and lets us all eat cake and shows us all where we can get the perfect pad to practice our prose to our Parisian pen pals and get Granddad that 50’s gramophone for his Christmas date with the Widow Twanky.

Lewis Huxley has been chatting grand hospital designs with Professor Passman, the glass-full guy, who says the redesign of the Sussex County General Hospital can be done.

On sport this week, Paul Dantanus hopes he can bring us some good news from the Amex Stadium with a preview report of the Southampton game. If you don’t want to know the results then tough… It was 3 – 1 and we won. Well ok, actually it wasn’t, it should have been, but unfortunately during the actual match report there was a glitch in the Matrix, Liam Dawes explains more here.

Frazer Ward nearly has an art attack after hearing rumours that programme creator Neil Buchannan has kicked the bucket and sets out sword of truth in hand to dispel the viscous lies and in doing so discovers the artist alive and well and showing the world his latest work Hope Street.

Danielle Farthing uncovers and embraces the brotherhood of Movember. Time will tell us whether she’s chosen to front a huge handlebar herself.

If you’re looking for somewhere to win some points with Auntie Cathy (and we all know what they make!) then you could do worse than to heed the advice of thesp hunter Hannah Booth as she rounds up the luvvies and spills the magic beans on what’s on stage this Christmas in Sussex.

Bringing balance to the party, Rebecca Hele swims against the tide to warn us that cuts may force a couple of thousand media types into the Jobcentre as the BBC announces job losses in the South East.

And finally, I take a look at some great big wheels and spend some time with the gentle fisher folk of the north, Lanterns of the Lake.


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