Car Park Charges to Increase by up to one hundred per cent

By Jessica Keating

Charges for car parks are set to rise again by a whopping one hundred per cent in some places due to Brighton and Hove City Council increasing tariffs.

The Gathering
Photo used under creative commons by Elsie esq.

Motorists at one car park will see charges rise from £9.50 to £15 for four hours parking at a weekend.

An anonymous source who leaked the news to The Argus newspaper, has described the move as a “ridiculous, greedy tactic”.

The news is a further set-back for the Green-led authority who has already admitted turning down £3 million from central government in favour of raising council tax to gain £4 million.

Transport cabinet member, Ian Davey, said: “Parking charges are reviewed every year and generally some charges have been raised year on year to reflect the need to manage parking in order to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow”.

Local shop owners are worried that it will affect businesses, a concern which was voiced by Labour and Co-op group leader Gill Mitchell: “These are Green anti-motorist policies that will hit local businesses hard at a time when they are already struggling”.

Traders in particular fear that rises will force them out of the city to find work as if the plans go ahead, local traders will have to pay £750 a year for a permit instead of £350.

Clive Etheridge, a local painter and decorator, said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous.

“I’d like a councillor to explain to me how putting the price of my permit up to £750 will actually help congestion, because I have to take my van whatever the cost – I can’t work without it, nor can a plumber or carpenter or many other trades.”

A statement from Brighton and Hove City Council said: “Traders permits remain good value, even with a proposed rise to £750 a year.

“Current rates in the city have effectively remained at an introductory rate for around 10 years.

“Even with the proposed change, a trader permit in the city would be just over £2 a day.”

Documents seen by The Argus map out plans for the 2012/13 financial year and are due to be discussed by the council later this month.

Conservative group leader, Geoffrey Theobald, said: “In these tough times of economic turmoil, the last thing that businesses and residents in the city need is this body blow”.


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