BBC Radio Sussex Cutbacks

by Rebecca Hele

Around 2,000 people could face losing their jobs at the BBC under its new plans to cut back costs and scale back operations.

Radio presenters will share programming with other local stations under the scheme as BBC bosses attempt to save £670 million.

BBC director general Mark Thompson said he would look for ways of making savings that “minimise the impact on quality.”

Local stations will continue to broadcast their own breakfast and drive-time shows but would share the programming outside peak times.

Sussex radio presenters such as Neil Pringle and Danny Pike will still deliver their breakfast shows but with the lack of support.

Under this plan, one programme would be broadcast across England on weekday evenings between 7pm and 10pm.

Radio Merseyside presenter Roger Phillips challenged Mark Thompson, according to the BBC, “We can’t provide quality at all,” he added. “Our afternoon programme’s been protected but we can’t provide input.

“Without localness, BBC local radio is nothing. In these difficult times for all of radio, if you dilute localness, then you do it at our peril.”

The main fear for such large scale cut backs is the quality of the broadcasting will be lost due to the lack of staff to help research and write stories.

The repeat programming is also a cause for concern as it will dilute the locality out of the station and risk the readers’ relationship with the presenters.

The BBC released the blueprint for the planned cutbacks entailing more repeat programme, selling buildings and cutting 2,000 jobs.

The National Union of Journalists said it fears up to ten posts could be cut from BBC offices either in Queen’s Road, Brighton, or Guildford.

Unions have threatened to strike if the proposed cuts go ahead and continue to re-shape the corporation.


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