The rise of Rinse according to Jamie George

By Kayleigh Lewis

The golden girl of underground music, Katy B, is bringing her much anticipated ‘On a Mission’ tour to Brighton this Monday.

She’ll be bringing an exciting collection of up-and-coming talent along for the party, including the vibrant and up-beat artist Jamie George.

Having grown up in a musical family George got into the garage scene when he was quite young. Since then he’s released music on several labels and is well respected as a DJ, producer and vocalist.

He is now part of the Rinse family, the place Katy B frequently calls her ‘spiritual home’. Rinse FM started as a pirate radio station in 1994 and quickly became a force in underground music in London. Since then it has grown, releasing records on Rinse Recordings and influencing the mainstream.

Brighton Lite caught up with him to talk Rinse, music and touring with Katy.

What is it like being part of the Rinse family?
It’s something that I really do appreciate in every possible way, even away from the music Rinse is a family. I know it sounds cliché but everyone is on the same page and all the artists, producers and DJs support each other, which is a rare find.

Do you feel like Rinse are having a bigger influence in ‘mainstream’ music?
To me I feel Rinse have always been very influential in mainstream music, and not just since the success of artists such as Dizzee [Rascal], Skream or Katy. Rinse are one of the biggest pushers of underground music and the evolution of the ever-changing music scene. The mainstream has noticeably changed through recent years and it’s more open and acceptable to new styles and sub-genres. I don’t think many would disagree that Rinse have had a huge part in this.

What genre do you think that Rinse has had a big influence on recently?
Well, take dubstep for instance, Rinse championed the sound even way back in 2006, now years down the line the sound is so huge to the point that you can hear it on daytime Radio 1. Now you have essential mixes from producers such as Roska & SBTRKT who all stem from Rinse FM roots. Katy B had a top ten album produced by Geeneus & DJ Zinc [Rinse FM], and now you hear so many trying to replicate the sound.

Talking of Katy B then, what’s it like being a part of her tour?
This is my second time supporting Katy B now, the first was on her headline tour earlier in the year. The experience has been amazing again though, and just seeing how far Katy’s progressed so fast, and the response she receives from each crowd, is inspirational. I feel very lucky to be part of the tour though it’s such big opportunity to show people what I’m all about.

How do you think you’ve been received?
The response has been very positive, I try to make my show as interactive and entertaining as possible. I don’t mind joking about or being silly; if I gain just 5 new listeners doing that then I’m a happy bloke. Although the way the tour is set up isn’t in the conventional way of support, as in we all support.

So how is it set up?
Well it isn’t in the conventional way of support, as in we all support Katy. It’s more of an all round show which features Jamie George, P Money and Ms Dynamite, with Katy B of course being the main attraction, which makes it all very comfortable and relaxed with DJ sets from Roska, Zinc, Monki & JJ. So it’s like a rave in a weird kind of way but we’re all from Rinse, so it’s what we know.

What kind of audience do you find you get at the shows?
At each show you get different people, you get the underground heads and the more pop cultured groups, but I think if you’re going to a Katy B concert you’d have to expect underground influences in the music and I think the way the show is set up has the perfect blend for everyone to enjoy.

Find out more about Jamie George at

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