Hallowe’en Party Do’s and Don’ts

By Nikki Cutler

Halloween is a fantastic excuse to party with a mix of fancy dress, party games, tacky decorations, and blood coloured booze: DON’T miss out on this opportunity.

Follow these DO’s and DON’Ts to ensure your party goes without a ghoulish glitch.

Halloween Decorations
Photo used under Creative Commons from Sarah_Ackerman.

Clearly the snacks on offer at a Hallowe’en party must resemble something bloody, or pussy, or oozy in some way by DON’T pay extra for shop bought “Hallowe’en Special Edition” party snacks, which are essentially the same old thing in different packaging and with some added green icing.

DO create some snacks with a personalised twist. Create your own decapitated gingerbread man by breaking off his head, applying red icing across his wounds and create an unhappy expression with black icing. Harsh but delicious.

White sheet icing and black writing icing are a tasty way to turn a bland biscuit into a skeleton, ghost, or mummy.

Make sure you DO make a funky punch bowl with jelly insect sweets floating around inside. A Bloody Mary punch bowl makes an impressive colour but how many guests will go back for seconds of a that?

Instead, mix some raspberry or blackberry puree with some sugar syrup, lemon, and gin. This combination makes a brightly coloured cocktail most people should love as you can easily play around with quantities to match your taste. It can be called a “Bloody Boozy”.

DON’T be afraid to use tacky decorations. You can nab a bag of fake spider webs and team them with plastic creepy crawlies for under a fiver, not forgetting a couple of lit up pumpkins.

You would be a fool not to DO the doughnut fishing game. This is one of the cheapest and funniest games ever invented. When buying the doughnuts for the game DON’T opt for plain doughnut as that will ruin the fun for everyone expecting to see jam blast in the faces of the players.

DON’T do apple bobbing if you are wearing face paint. This might sound obvious now but if you have consumed one too many bloody boozies throughout the night, you may forget your facial attire.

DO dress up and DON’T worry about whether others will wear the same costume as you because ten mummies, six vampires, four devils, two ghosts and a cat are the perfect mix for a great party!


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