News: Tories continue to question Labour over £47m

By News From Brighton

The Conservative candidates in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean are continuing to ask Labour how the £47m they received in EB4U money was spent during their previous time in charge of the local council.

An earlier letter from the councillors which demanded answers as to what happened to the funding was met by a furious response from local Labour leader Gill Mitchell and East Brighton councillor Warren Morgan.

The Labour councillors took legal advice on the matter and criticised the ‘spiteful allegations’ while outlining how some of the £47m received as part of the one-off EB4U New Deal programme was spent.

The Argus suggested the Conservatives’ statement had been withdrawn, but this has been denied by the Tory candidates, including Cath Slater, who said the ‘scandalous waste of money’ is what motivated her to join the Conservative Party.

She said: “I was an active member of my Residents Association at the time of EB4U and saw the money being wasted on day trips and outings instead of being invested in our communities to provide us with lasting benefits like other areas of the country did.

“Hundreds of jobs could have been created or instead of trying to sell off our council housing at the time. Labour could have invested some of this money into our council housing so that we did not have to live in damp and run down conditions.”

She added: “This scandalous waste of money is what prompted me, as a tenant, to join the Conservative Party as I wanted to stand up and ask why this was allowed to happen.

“Our communities will not be offered this sum of money again and it is not fair that no one seems willing to tell us where it was spent.”

Cllr Warren Morgan responded to the initial allegation. He said: “As a trustee of the Crew Club – which had its New Deal funded building opened by HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh.

“I’m very disappointed that the Tories are using how that money was spent to fuel some desperate last-minute pre-election smears.

“From the Roundabout Children’s Centre to the Whitehawk Inn, from the alleygating projects to the pioneering community safety work now extended across the city, the resident-led EB4U project is something that has had a lasting legacy and an impact on many local people’s lives through education, training and improved opportunities.”

The row is spectacularly timed with crucial local elections just days away.

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