News: Gardeners at Brighton community garden ‘The Mound’ await eviction

By Nick Owen

Guerilla gardeners at Brighton’s latest food-growing community garden The Mound were told on Sunday (17) that they are likely to be evicted next week.

After weeks of waiting, the gardeners were finally told that the eviction notice served by Brighton County Court on March 23, will be enforced between Tuesday and Thursday (April 26-28) next week.

Guerilla gardener Gary Gardener said of the court ruling: “It’s so sad that the law doesn’t allow positive spaces to grow.

“We’re hoping that people will continue to show their support for us despite the court’s decision.”

Despite expressing sympathy for the gardeners, the judge ruled in favour of Summerbrook Ltd on March 23, a subsidiary of Worthing-based Hargreaves Property, who owns the land on Church Street.

The gardeners requested in court for the Mound to stay on site until the end of the summer, but were denied.

Summerbrook served the ‘Claim for Possession Order’ to the Mound on March 16 after repeated attempts to physically remove the gardeners from the site.

Green Councillor Lizzie Deane spoke in defense of The Mound by saying that the gardeners’ presence is showing a positive effect on the North Laine community.

Hargreaves Property has owned the derelict site for over 14 years and despite proposing numerous plans for development, none have been accepted.

Planning applications were lodged in 2006 and 2009 to build a seven and then six storey office block but the applications were rejected.

A further application was lodged last year for a more lucrative housing project to be built, but Hargreaves was again denied.

When asked to comment, Hargreaves refused. 

Since late February 2011, gardeners at The Mound have held weekly Sunday workshops in oven building and seed bombing, as well as holding free film screenings.

In a recent development, amphibians believed to be Great Crested newts have been found in The Mound’s pond.

Under schedule 5 of the Wildlife Act 1981, Great Crested or Warty newts are a protected species and must not be removed from their habitat in any way.

A gardener at The Mound, who did not wish to be named, said: “We’re praying that the newts do turn out to be Great Crested.

“Even though Hargreaves have got their way, these little guys will prevent them from building which I think is pretty funny after all the time and money they’ve put in to getting rid of us.”

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