Sport: New Trophies on offer at Brighton Marathon

By Rich Hook

Brighton Lite's Tom Stewart, Jack Bradshaw & Joe Kasper show off the Corporate Challenge trophy

Brighton Marathon organisers have unveiled three special trophies for this year’s race.

The awards, specially commissioned by race director Tim Hutchings, will go to the fastest male and female runners from Brighton and the winning team for the Mayo Wynne Baxter Corporate Challenge.

Former Olympian and World Cross-Country silver medallist Hutchings said: “The trophies are really striking with a design that manages to represent the event perfectly while also capturing the spirit of Brighton.

The fine art and engineering departments at City College Brighton & Hove (CCBH) collaborated to make the trophies.

Fine art student Joanna Brown created an innovative perspex trophy for the corporate team winners that illustrates the route and allows the runners to relive their run through the silver balls, which travel the course when the trophy is tilted.

Jo said: “I wanted to come up with a trophy that represented team commitment and endeavor.

“It’s a trophy worth running 26 miles for.”

Having designed the trophy, Joanna enlisted engineering student Matt Gray to turn the perspex glass into the award that CCBH Principal, Phil Frier, will award on Sunday.

Fellow fine art student Cadi Froehlich produced two distinctive brass trophies to reward the best of Brighton in the race.

Designers Matt, Joanna and Cadi with their trophies

Joanna said the pair have been so inspired by the process that they have set up their own bespoke-trophy making company, Trophy Wives Trophies.

The trophies will be presented at the finish of the 2011 Brighton Marathon this Sunday April 10 on Madeira Drive (race starts 9am)


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