Music review: Does It Offend You, Yeah? @ Brighton Coalition

By Sam Rawks

At least I can imagine it was offensive to the grandparents I saw at the Does It Offend You, Yeah? (DIOYY) gig at Brighton Coalition on March 6.

Looking like they possessed the same attitude they probably had towards punk, DIOYY really tried to play to the younger generation.

After the sounds checks, and the roadies and technicians had done their thing, the atmosphere almost dampened and the crowd was treated to a sample of the opening score of Blade Runner. Not something I would usually place with DIOYY but nothing I would easily put past them either. The futuristic, delayed opening was perfect for a band dancing between dance-punk and electronic.

“As DIOYY stride on stage it’s clear they own it as the crowd’s anticipation bursts into cheers.”

Lead singer James Rushent electrifies the stage

Right now they’re halfway through the promotional tour for their new album Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You. If you’ve never heard DIOYY before then, in lead singer James Rushent’s own words, they are:

“Just a weird little fucking band from Reading.”

Many of their songs are tailor-made to get you jumping regardless of whether you like them or not. Take the song We Are Rockstars which has a minute-long intro of thumping electro that everyone around the stage was jumping to.

At no point does the crowd’s approval waver and they lap up a few jokes from Rushent as he pauses for breath. Without a lack in energy, DIOYY enthusiastically thrash out some of their best: Battle Royale, Dawn Of The Dead/We Are Rockstars, Let’s Make Out, We Are The Dead.

There’s really no stopping them tonight, well at least until 10 o’clock when the Coalition’s ‘curfew’ takes effect.

But before that we are treated to a well performed version of The Monkeys Are Coming with Rushent parting a little piece of inspiration to us all before the last chorus:

“I want you to think in your mind. Someone who tells you, you can’t do something. What are you gonna fucking say to them? THE FUNKY MONKEYS ARE COMING!”

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